Tommie Haglunds verk

1970 Allegro, for piccolo trumpet and organ
1972 Largo, for oboe, strings, and harpsichord, Opus
1973 Largo in B minor, for two violins, guitar, cello, and organ
c.1976 Aforismer (Aphorisms), for guitar
c.1978 Fragment ur en dröm (Fragments of a dream), for guitar
c.1980 Miscellaneous Music for ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, for Renaissance consort
c.1981 Miscellaneous Music for Strindberg’s ‘Ghost Sonata’, for solo guitar
1981 Andante Grazioso 
1987 Notturno (Nocturne), for flute and guitar quintet
1988 Intensio Animi (Intensity of the soul), for cello and piano
1989 Fiori(Flowers), for cello and organ
1990 Meditation, for piano
1990 Voces (Voices), for chamber orchestra
1990 Voces (Voices), for wind quintet and string quintet
1990 L’Infinito (Infinity), for violin
1992 Elif, for string orchestra
1992 Miraggio (Mirage), for coloratura, soprano, and piano trio
1994 Min själ (My soul), for mixed choir
1995 Inim Inim, for violin and piano
1996 Fragile, for flute and percussion
1996 Fragile, for clavasino,
1996 Spirarae Celourum (Breathing of Heaven), for clavisino
1996 Kärlekshjärtan (Love Hearts), double round, for children’s choir, string orchestra, piano, and percussion
1997 To the Sunset Breeze, for guitar, harp, and string quartet
1998 Arcana Lacrimeae (Secret of Tears), for piano
2000 Morgongåva (Morning gift) (excerpts from Song of Solomon), for tenor and piano
2001 Flaminis Aura (Cello concerto), for cello and orchestra
2001 Il Regno degli Spiriti (Land of souls), for string quartet
2001 Varsamt, Victoria sover (Gently, Victoria is sleeping), for flute and percussion
2002 Acedia, for cello and double bass
2002 Insomnia, for flute
2003 Röstens dotter (Daughter of the voice), for violin, clarinet, cello, piano, percussion, and two sopranos
2004 Stillhet (Stillness), for soprano and cello
2004 Bortom avsked (Beyond farewell), for guitar
2005 Hymnen an die Nacht (Hymns to the night) (Violin concerto), for violin and orchestra
2006 Voices of Light, for piano, violin, cello, percussion, flute and guitar
2007 Song Cycle: Lamentation, The Dream, La Rosa Profunda, for soprano and piano
2008 Frammenti (Fragment), for violin, clarinet, and piano
2009 Cielo Notturno (Night sky), for cello
2011 Själens Helgedom (The sanctuary of the soul), for mixed choir
2013 Sollievo dopo la tempesta (Solace after the storm), for string trio
2014 Epilogue to Hymnen an die Nacht, for violin
2014 Serenata per Diotima (Serenade for Diotima), for string orchestra
2015 Själens Helgedom (The Sanctuary of the Soul), for brass ensemble
2015 Di Sogni Tessuto (Woven in Dreams), for organ
2016 La Rosa Profunda, for soprano and orchestra
2016 Rosa Profunda Alborada, for violin and piano
2020 Symphony, for orchestra
2021 Making Something out of Nothing (male voice)
2021 Making Something out of Nothing (female voice)