Per Gessle and Tommie Haglund write music together. Tommie Haglund represents classical music, he has composed chamber music, works for orchestra and for choir. For the song the guys cooperated on, Per has written the lyrics and Tommie has composed the music. The title is Making Something Out Of Nothing and it’s about getting older and looking back on your life and the choices you made.

Once it’s possible to organize events again, the song will be on the repertoire of the Tommie Haglund Festival. Due to Covid-19, it will happen only in spring 2022. The sounding board and creator of the festival is Lars Nordin.

That Mr. G came into the picture was because both he and Tommie felt that they wanted to try something new. Haglund says he and Per lived in parallel universes musically, but they have the same bottom. Lars says it’s fun that both Tommie and Per live in Halmstad, they were born three days apart, Per on January 12, 1959 and Tommie on 15th January the same year and they have both made an incomparable international career in their respective genres.

The first text Per sent didn’t really fit Tommie’s music, but Mr. G sent another almost immediately and that one just flowed into Tommie’s music, as he says.

There will be an album recording together with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm and it’s already decided that Emmi Christensson will sing the song both on the album and at the festival in 2022. Lars informs Hallandsposten that she has a fantastic voice and has, among other things, played the lead role in The Phantom of the Opera in London. Her relation to Halmstad is that she attended the high school there.

After Per listened to the song, he sent an SMS to Tommie telling that he thinks it sounds fantastic. You travel in time and sometimes end up in old black and white 40’s movies, sometimes in a Bacharach romance, but usually in Tommie’s own wonderful musical rainbow. Per thinks it’s a feast for the brain and heart, Hallandsposten writes.